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Terms, Conditions & Policies


All rates are subject to 9% NH room tax and a 10% service charge may be charged during peak periods.

Singles may deduct $10 from above listed rates Add $25 for extra person in room.

Master Card, Discover, American Express & Visa welcome. Call 603-823-7244 for information and reservation confirmation. Weekends and holiday weeks may be subject to a minimum stay.

A deposit of one night’s stay is required and is applied to the balance due on your scheduled departure day. Your deposit is forfeited if you arrive later than your scheduled arrival date or depart before the final date of your reservation. Reservations can be cancelled 14 days prior with full refund given, subject to a $25 handling charge.

Cancellation Policy
Should you have to cancel your reservation, we will refund your deposit, less a $25 administration fee, providing we have been given 14 days notice of the cancellation. Refunds may not be given for late arrival, early departure or cancellation within 14 days of the reservation.

Booking in advance is always advisable to ensure your preferred room is available. We will be glad to answer any questions about the rooms you might have. The property is smoke free. The Inn at Sunset Hill has a strict no smoking policy anywhere in the building.

Smoking Policy
The Inn at Sunset Hill is a completely smoke-free environment. Please be advised that if smoking has occurred in your room, a $150 minimum charge will be added to specially clean and deodorize the room. This will be strictly enforced. If an outside specialist cleaner is required, then the entire invoice of vendor services, plus the $150.00 will be applied. We appreciate your understanding and respect of our no-smoking policy to ensure that all our guests enjoy a smoke-free environment

Family friendly and adult only ‘quiet’ areas
The Inn at Sunset Hill welcomes your entire family, and offers a variety of accommodations to suit most peoples requirements. If you are brining young children, please bring your own cot as we can not guarantee one will be available for you. We understand the very young are inclined to cry occasionally, but we ask that you please be considerate of other guests experience, especially in the restaurant or during the night time ‘quiet hours’.
We do offer 7 guest room in the Hill House which are designated Adult Only rooms. The Hill house is considered a quiet zone, and is ideal for those looking for a peaceful getaway.

Bring your best friend!

The Inn at Sunset Hill is a wonderful place to bring your doggy companion. We have 8 acres of yard at the rear of the Inn, and wooded trails opposite behind the golf course (sadly, dogs are not allowed on the golf course itself) for walkies. Dudley, our resident Old English Sheepdog is very friendly towards other dogs, and might be available for ‘play time’. We know that your dog is a part of the family, and have designated rooms that are dog friendly (Only 1 dog per room please), please check with our reservation team that you have chosen a dog friendly room! These rooms are also used by non-pet owners and we have to ensure that the rooms, furniture, flooring and bedding are free of any trace of pets staying there. Therefore, we charge a daily fee of $25.00 for the extra daily cleaning that is required. Any additional cleaning or repairs due to messes and damage caused by a pet will be charged extra to your account at market rates. In the interest of other guests, we do not allow pets in the main inn’s restaurant & pub areas. Please do not leave your dog unattended in the room and do consider bringing your own crate, as he or she will not be allowed on the bed or furniture. Please be aware that our Housekeeping staff will not service a room while your dog is in it, so this would be a great time to grab some fresh air & take your puppy for a stroll. Visiting dogs must be in the control of their owners at all times and on a leash when walking around the property where are other guests are as well as in the village of Sugar Hill. Dogs are not allowed in the fenced in Pool area and during winter months, we ask that “yellow snow” is covered up, and preferably away from the building. All dog droppings must be picked up and disposed of immediately. Although this should go without saying, we ask that you do not use the towels in the rooms to wipe your puppies feet – if you have been on a particularly muddy walk or hike, and need to wipe down your pet, please ask our reception staff for a doggy towel before going back to your room. Repeated complaints about your pets behavior could result in you being asked to leave the property immediately and in extreme cases could result in additional charges. We hope you enjoy your stay with your pet and appreciate that you strictly follow our pet policies for the good of all.